About Mike

Mike’s influences are varied and many. Inspired by the Lifestyle Design concepts of Tim Ferriss. Touched by the beauty and wonder of life that Paulo Coehlo poetically writes about in his best-selling novels. Shaped by deep spiritual values and the desire to practically use my gifts and talents to serve others. Equipped with arguably the most transformational techniques for bringing about rapid change in people’s lives of the last 40 years, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). Key figures in the world of human performance and development, such as Richard Bandler and Anthony Robbins, have used NLP as the foundation of creating rapid and lasting change in people’s lives.

Transformation. Freedom. Joy. Passion. Purpose. Love. Adventure. Health. Peace. Fulfillment. Confidence. This can be your life.

An insatiably curious student and a competent, challenging, encouraging teacher and mentor. Passionate, almost obsessed, with human growth and potential. Mike has successfully coached and mentored countless men and women for more than ten years. Above all else, Mike longs for you to live your one and only life in tune with who you really are. To live with passion, deep fulfillment, purpose, joy and love. Life is too short not to experience the life you long for.

Mike currently coaches business professionals, artists and academics.  He is available for one-on-one sessions.


One thought on “About Mike

  1. This is absolutely incredible. This is exactly my philosophy on life and I live to serve as best an example of this to others as humanly possible. The greastest wisdom lives in the simplest philosophies. Amazing.

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